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Luxury lovers everywhere know that there are quite a few handbags every fashionista must have in their closet. Never mind the colors and materials, but with every designer brand, there are bags you absolutely must have in your collection. These are coined as quintessential investment pieces or even just coveted bags that never lose their style. Whatever the reason, handbag enthusiasts should absolutely always have these unforgettable accessories at the ready.

Here at Couture, we know what bags are worth the cut and why you must always have one in your collection. Many are familiar household names like the Louis Vuitton Neverfull or the Chanel Flap bag, but others like the Celine Luggage tote or Saint Laurent Kate may be a bit new to you. Like I mentioned before, some of these bags may not be considered investment pieces when it comes to resale, but their style and popularity remain continuous as the years go by.


Louis Vuitton



The name of this bag alone speaks for itself
because the Louis Vuitton Neverfull tote is
the ultimate must for every closest and just like
the name suggests, this bag always seems like
it can never be filled. The large construction of
this bag made it a staple for luxury connoisseurs,
while the pouch allows extra organization. With
a variety of materials and the optional sizes of
PM, MM, and GM, you can never go wrong with
this large tote by your side.


Inspired by the Keepall in smaller proportions, this
bag is the two-way carry-all you need. The Louis
Vuitton Speedy whether handheld or with a strap is
the companion piece for any ensemble. Even Audrey
Hepburn herself was seen carrying her very own

Don’t forget to read our
‘Ultimate Guide to the Louis Vuitton Speedy’
for more information on sizing, materials, and more.

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Flap Bag
The classic flap is the quintessential Chanel bag for the
handbag connoisseur. Choose from multiple materials,
a single or double flap, and a size anywhere from a
mini square to a Maxi in order to suit your personal
style. This bag is the ideal investment piece that will
always remain in style and never lose its
worth for many years to come.  



Boy Bag
The Boy bag has made a name for designer bag
enthusiasts, everywhere especially with its homage to
the tom-boyish looks Coco Chanel was known to
love. Introduced by the late Karl Lagerfeld, this
handbag is the perfect modern flap bag with a
boxier construction and brick like closure. Offered in
different sizes, including a new medium, this bag
is the perfect collector’s item.  

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Coined for bringing back the coveted GG print, the
Gucci Dionysus is a perfect blend between luxurious
style and mythology. Named after the
Greek god of wine and celebration, this bag emulates
the classic style of Gucci with modern touches in the
double headed closure and shape. Primarily seen in the
Supreme canvas, the various sizes of this bag
can also feature embroidery and prints for
additional allure.  




The variety of sizes and shapes the Marmont arrives in
is always a top pick for every season and occasion.
Adapting to trends over time, the Matelasse leather
and sleek GG closure remain in constant popularity,
making this bag a must-have for your handbag

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One of the most coveted bags to exist, the Hermes
Birkin is on every fashionista’s wishlist. The investment
return is not just in money alone, the unforgettable
style and handcrafted finesseoutshines in this popular bag,
just ask Jamie Chua or Kylie Jenner who both
have some of the largest Birkin collections
in the world as of 2019.  




Much like the Birkin, a Kelly is difficult to come by but
definitely worth the wait. Originally designed in the
1930’s by Robert Dumas, this trapezoid shaped bag
was then renamed in honor of Grace Kelly, Princess of
Monaco, in the 1950’s after a photo of her holding the
bag to conceal her early pregnancy went viral. Classic
yet inherently modern, the Kelly bag is the perfect
return in investment for many years to come.

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This bag is no loaf of bread, but it is definitely named
after it.Arguably Fendi’s most popular bag, the
Baguette has changed in many ways as the years go
by. The styles and colors may change, but the small
shape and strap allow this bag to comfortably
sit on the shoulder and tucked underneath the
arm with ease.  

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Christian Dior 



Saddle Bag
Introduced in the 2000’s with its unique shape and
patterns, the Dior Saddle Bag rose to fame amongst
luxury bag collectors and celebrities alike. With
the resurgence of vintage inspired bags around 2018,
the Saddle bag made a new debut and showed why it
was still a must-have for every fashionista. Even
with its comeback, the Saddle bag remains
investment piece to always have with
your luxury collection.  




Lady Dior
Historically renown, the Lady Dior is one of Dior’s most
memorable iconic bags to date. Debuting in 1995, this
bag gained its popularity and name when Princess
Diana was gifted the bag from the first lady of
France. A collection piece that pays homage not only
with charms that add a nod to the legacy but also with
Cannage quilting, this bag is fit for any fashionista who
feels elegant and wants a timeless addition
to their collection.  

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Nylon Bags
Although Prada has their iconic bags, one material that
never fades is their Tessuto Nylon. Prized Prada
pieces in shoulder bags, pochettes, backpacks,
and more NEVER fade from style, even
with their new initiative of making the material sustainable.

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Yves Saint Laurent



Kate Bag
Instantly recognizable, Saint Laurent’s Kate bag is a
treasured must-have. A combination of old and new,
the monogram YSL is modernized on a sleek and
contemporary construction that allows you to wear this
bag for any occasion. Tassel or no tassel, a
Kate is a perfect addition to your collection.

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Luggage Tote
Although the Luggage tote may no longer be the
cult-favorite it once was, there’s something about this
bag that keeps it relevant today. From the shape to the
sizes, this bag is the perfect go-to bag you will
turn to time and time again.  

Shop Celine





Rockstud Bags
Edgy and chic, Valentino is well known for putting
Rockstuds on pretty much everything! While keeping
their style very feminine and luxurious, the Rockstuds
add the last touch of punky edge that can go
with any personality. Day or night, a Valentino
bag with the infamous embellishments
can transition with any outfit.  

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