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Bali is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. A recent report published by Statista states that 1.19 million visitors visited Bali in September 2022 alone.

And there is a good reason for that —  Bali is a slice of paradise on Earth. You can expect mesmerizing landscapes, tranquil surroundings, beautiful beaches with blue waters, an endless summer, and incredibly welcoming and friendly people.

If you are a first-timer traveling to Bali, here is a quick Bali Itinerary and tips on making your stay worthwhile! Also, it would be wise to study Bali travel regulations.

When planning your trip you might wonder what would be the easiest way to get to Bali — and the answer is by plane. If you can’t find convenient commercial flights you can always charter a private flight and enjoy a high-class experience.

1.  Ubud: the cultural heart of Bali

For someone who wants to see Bali in its most authentic spirit, Ubud is the place to visit. It is a unique town surrounded by mountain tops, river beds, coffee plantations, rice terraces, and temples. Because of its serenity and captivating beauty, Ubid is often called the Island of Gods. There’s a lot to do in Ubud, including:

Pro tip: Add all the places that you want to visit in Ubud on Maps and allocate time to each destination according to your stay. This will help you stay on schedule while you have the best time in Ubud.

2.  Tanah Lot: the rock-sitting temple

Famous among the Balinese Hindus and tourists, the Tanah Lot island never ceases to impress its visitors. The temple name combines two words, ‘Tanah’ meaning ‘land’ and ‘Lot’ meaning ‘sea,’ as the temple seems like a piece of land floating on the sea. Besides the beauty of the location, this holy Hindu temple attracts visitors because of its history.

The legend about Tanah Lot dates back to the 16th century when the holy monk named Dang Hyang Nirartha began his journey from Java to Bali. He ended his journey and stopped at the coral rock Gili Beo (Gili means small island, and Beo means bird). People of the Beraban village were pleased by the monk’s presence and teaching, which displeased the head of the village.

The head, along with his followers, planned to chase out the monk. When the monk discovered this, he used his mystical powers to protect himself. It is said that the monk pushed out the Gili Beo closer to the middle of the sea. Dang Hyang Nirartha also created a snake with his shawl to keep intruders and evil spirits away. The snake still sits at the rock base of the temple.

Pro Tip: When the tide is low, you can walk across the sea all the way to the temple.

3.  Lovina: the exotic resort



When visiting Bali, the trip isn’t complete without exploring the North coast of Bali, and the peaceful seaside town of Lovina. The town attracts its fair share of tourists because of the dolphin pods, breathtaking sunsets, snorkeling, and diving excursions. Lovina has a relaxed selection of restaurants and local shops, making the trip splendid and fulfilling.

Pro tip: One of the hacks for traveling is to book accommodation near most tourist attractions.

4.  Pura Besakih: the Mother Temple

Pura Besakih is considered the Mother Temple of the island. From the dramatic architecture to its spiritual surroundings, the Pura Besakih is a complex of 80 individual temples dating back to 1340. It is one of the holiest temples where you can witness 70 Hindu ceremonies.

Pro tip: Pura Besakih is one of Bali’s most important Hindu temples, and hosts religious rituals and ceremonies all day long. When visiting Pura Besakih, it is best to hire a guide and wear a proper top and a sarong to show respect.

Final Thoughts

Bali is a collection of natural marvels that mesmerizes you with its beauty. It is indeed a place where a short stay can turn into weeks and even months. Regardless of your stay in Bali, you must plan your trip. Bali is overcrowded with tourists during July and August; look for hotels and accommodation beforehand and near most touristic places.

Bali has more than 20,000 temples, volcanic landscapes, and majestic mountains. If it’s your first time visiting Bali, hire a tour guide, so you don’t miss out on anything.

Finally, Bali is a fun destination with an intense pull that hooks you its beauty, rich culture, spirituality, adventures, delicious food, and a luxurious experience. If you need more inspiration just check out this video below and start planning your trip.

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