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Marriage is a significant turning point in life that evolves a new personality hidden in you as a spouse. In the past, going to the Church and exchanging vows were considered enough to tie the knot of life. However, this is not the current scenario, and luxury wedding celebrations are now a trend.

People believe in making this moment of their life more memorable by investing a significant amount of their savings in it. You can perfectly plan your wedding by making the right choices ahead of time, from guest invitations to the floral decorations and the menu, etc.

If you want to make your wedding special, get insight into the prevailing marriage trends that will help you have a personalized experience. Here, we will highlight all the past and future rituals along with stats on the number of marriages in the U.S. in 2021 and 2022. So, stay with us.

  •  Past Iconic Weddings Shaping Future Marriage Trends


Here, look at past weddings that surprise the world with the destination, decorations, or menu:

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Nobody can forget this royal wedding that occurred in 2018 between an actress and a British royal prince. The bride wore a Givenchy gown that was the source of inspiration for many brides-to-be. This is one of the fairy tale weddings that remain in the hearts of the people forever. People from all around the world were invited to this grand celebration, and top chefs prepared the menu.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Unfortunately, this couple ended in divorce, but the wedding event, which was held in 2014, captured the attention. Instead of a grand gathering, this wedding was held with the close relatives in the chapel of Château Miraval, which is the family’s estate in the French village of Correns. Love couples idealized them for years for such a small gathering to enjoy more intimate moments.

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas

This wedding is between two celebrations and captured the attention of the world with diverse ethnicities. An Indian actress and an American musician tied the knot in a grand celebration in 2018. The long-tail wedding gown, which was across 75 feet, gave the world the idea of having such widespread dresses.

  •    Upcoming Trends for Weddings


People are now trying adventurous activities to make their weddings fun and thrilling for guests. This trend will shape future celebrations and give people a new definition of having intimate moments in their lives. Choosing and exploring new places to set your destination wedding rather than formal buildings like churches. Or, having the signature photo shoot by trying new setups and themes will shape the future.

Mentioning all the past well-known incidents and upcoming wedding trends helps you have unlimited luxurious marriage proposal ideas. You are the one who will decide about the personal choice and planning of your intimate ceremony.

  •    Marriage and Divorce Trends


According to the American Community Survey, both the divorce and marriage rates have declined in a significant manner in Americans related to different age groups after the pandemic. Different surveys describe the geographic variation of these rates among the states. The salient points of such surveys are the following:

  • During the pandemic, the marriage rates reduced significantly for around 2 years.
  • According to the Census Bureau, in 2022, among 1000 unmarried women, 34 got married.
  • In 2020, among 1000 unmarried women, 30 got married.
  • According to the National Center for Health Statistics, the marriage rate has dropped to 60 percent in the last five decades.
  • During the coronavirus pandemic, the lowest marriage rate was recorded, with a high likelihood of divorce because of psychological issues and stress.
  • States that exist in the western region of the country had higher rates of marriage than others.

Marriage and Divorce Rates by Age

The survey conducted by the American Community Survey considered the crude divorce rate to account for the marriages ending in divorce in the past years.

According to a study, the divorce rates declined between 2011 and 2021. The marriage rate was 16.3 out of 1000 among women who are 18 or above in this decade. Last year, this rate dropped to 14.9 among 1000 of the women aged 18 or more. In 2011, the ratio of divorces was 9.7 out of 1000, and this ratio reduced to 6.9 out of 1000 in 2021. In fact, only 27% of millennials are married.

During the pandemic, all the marriages that are held involve a limited number of guests and simple celebrations. But this pandemic gives a personalized touch to special events, making them more memorable. Now, people have the freedom to have grand celebrations, but the concept of customization of the decoration, themes, dresses, and storyline is still prevailing.

  •    Budget Considerations for a Luxurious Affair


Your wedding requires a lot of resources, but with the planning, you can optimally utilize them in the best manner. With simple tips, you can arrange your luxury wedding events by staying within your budget. Let’s explore them one by one:

Make Your Guestlist

Could you make a list of the guests that you want to invite to your wedding? The long list means you need more resources, so tick a name that you think you cannot ignore. Make a list of the optional guests that you would add in case you have spare resources. Priorities to your relatives and friends that you cannot miss.

Decide your Menu

The more dishes you account for, the more bills you have to pay. Stick to the simplest cuisine that the majority of the guests would love to have. Don’t go for an untraditional menu; go for something other than this, as this can end up wasting too much food.

Set your Venue

Your venue will define your decoration and the cost of the setup. Outdoor places need more lighting arrangements in case you have an evening dinner, but indoor places need proper decor and themed setups. Check for the famous places to have the luxury treatment of your big day. So, compare various venues and their prices to make the best decision.

Set Your Date

Stay out of peak months as the restaurants will charge high prices. Go for off-peak months to plan your wedding dates. The demand for such functions is relatively high along with the month, set weekdays as on the weekends. So, you will find a venue at high prices.

  •     Wise Selection of Right Vendors and Services


If you are overwhelmed with the to-do list of all the planning, don’t worry; try a reliable wedding planner that helps you plan your wedding. They will design your invitation cards by taking your suggestions and organizing the whole event step by step. You need to tell them your detailed requirements and what you dream of for your day.

When is the right time to send the invitation cards or send the design template for the goodie bags, the arrangement of lights or floral decorations, etc? Experts will look after each and everything, and you will get enough time to focus on your grooming.

Please check the reviews of the old customers before choosing any vendor. After all, it is your wedding day; you can’t risk your resources or bear the emotional trauma. Let’s get help from a professional in creating a unique environment for your guests and making them feel connected to your happiness.

  •   Sustainability and Ethical Choices in Luxury Weddings


Luxury does not mean you keep on wasting scarce resources without considering the hunger and poverty prevailing in the world. You can enjoy your marriage by taking in sustainable practices for the renovation of your venue.

Instead of using plastic or artificial flowers, prefer natural flowers as they will decompose on their own and don’t add to the waste. Likewise, make your goodie bags or invitation cards by using recyclable materials, as this strategy will put less burden on natural resources.

Along with sustainability, also take into consideration the ethical and moral setting of any culture where you are planning for your big day. Every place has its norms. Enjoy your moments by not violating the social norms of the residents or hurting their feelings.

  •   Personalization: Infusing Your Love Story


Your event must represent your love story to enjoy the celebrations fully. You’ll be able to include the guest with your excitement by making a connection with the personalization of your decorations.

Use themed goodie bags with the story of your first meeting. Or, could you include your first meetup date on the invitation cards with an exciting tagline? Along with texts, images play a vital role in spreading the word about the love of your life. Make your romance look like a fairy tale by using a couple of personal pictures printed on the invitation cards. Remember to add a photo booth with hearts or fairy lights to get the tale by using a couple of signature photos that you can frame later on.

Taking help from the traditions and the cultural values is also great to add warmth to your day. You can consider renovating your place with unity candles to show your inner bond.


A wedding is what you always plan for and memorize the moments for the rest of your life. Please make it the best day of your life by considering all the suggestions mentioned above. Don’t hesitate to add your personalized storyline as your decor theme.

Your guests will definitely remember your story as the most loving couple with all the preliminary preparations. So, start planning your own stylish and memorable luxury weddings.

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