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I just love the Porsche 930 Turbo built between 1978 and 1989, with her massive rear ‘whale tale’ wing and those wide fenders over the rear Fuchs alloys, but those cars have become classics by now, and they come with a price tag to match their status … which in the end will buy you a car that’s over three decades old, and won’t have all the nice amenities we’ve grown accustomed to … but there is a solution, California based Singer who recently unveiled their impressive Porsche 911 Turbo Study, a modern interpretation of the classic Porsche 930 Turbo, but despite looking like a classic car from the previous century, this is a contemporary supercar ready for the 21st century.

We’ve seen the first Singer Turbo Study for a customer a while ago, but today we get to see another one, this time the focus is more on sports performance, including a power increase to 510 HP, this second car, finished in white, clearly illustrates the capabilities enabled by the study and Singer’s collaboration with owners to deliver a personal vision, note the green stripes on the front hood of this specific car, and that centrally mounted fuel filler that is cut into this hood is just an amazing detail.

The side view clearly shows the carbon fiber parts used on the exterior of this Singer Turbo Study, also note the bright Turbo Racing White paintwork and as an homage to the ‘ripples’ on the original bumpers, Singer incorporated vents in those sections of both the front and rear bumper to mimic the look. Personally, I love these big Fuchs style wheels, especially at the rear with their very deep dish design, it’s a classic, but I really like it, just like the fact Singer actually put an air intake on that black segment in front of the rear wheels, on the Singer made from carbon fiber, but on the original car these were black decals.

It might not be the most impressive rear wing found on later Porsche 930 models, but the carbon fiber surround on this Singer unit just looks so amazing, and on the air vent hiding underneath this massive wing, we find a stylish Singer script, naturally, the full-width red reflector with the famous ‘Porsche’ script is still present, while the two big bore exhaust tips just complete the classic look of this 21st-century interpretation by Singer, while the ‘bumperette’ delete just delivers an amazingly clean look to this beauty.

Another detail Singer is really famous for is their classic-looking interior styling, it might look old, but it comes with everything you could expect from a modern-day supercar, this specific car comes with a Houndstooth “Grun” cloth upholstery with additional carbon fiber accents, lightweight door trims, and painted surfaces for the sills and the transmission tunnel. The absolutely gorgeous, lightweight carbon fiber seats just complete the look-and-feel of this interior, while the six-speed manual transmission is just a must-have.

But there is more to be found on the interior of this white beauty, how about inductive phone charging, and naturally an ice-cold air-conditioning setup inside this sport focussed interior, a feeling those lightweight carbon fiber track seats and no-nonsense door trim only emphasize further, parts on the interior were color-coded to the Turbo Racing White bodywork while we find a cross-brace at the rear, this is a road-legal track car in the end.

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