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Brand ambassadors play a vital role in promoting brands and products within their networks, enhancing visibility and (hopefully) driving sales. They shine as beacons of excellence, selected for both acclaim and personal merit as well as the embodiment of the brands they front.

We’re only into the second half of the year and there are already a number of new additions of brand ambassadors. To help you keep up, we’re keeping track of all the new male brand ambassadors that have been officially announced for the year of 2024.

Billkin Putthipong Assaratanakul for Gucci


Billkin, a rising star in Thailand’s entertainment industry, is now a brand ambassador for Gucci. Recognised as both a talented actor and singer, Billkin has also launched successful projects under his own label as well as sold-out concerts across Asia. Since 2021, Billkin has actively participated in Gucci events in Thailand, showcasing a natural alignment with the brand. This appointment also unites him with fellow Thai stars Gulf Kanawut and Davika Hoorne as Gucci ambassadors.

Kun for Versace


Versace has tapped Chinese singer and music producer Cai Xukun, known as KUN, as its newest global brand ambassador. KUN’s artistic fearlessness and genre-bending music align perfectly with Versace’s long-standing celebration of audacious creativity. Donatella Versace herself praised KUN, stating, “He’s brave, incredibly talented and unique… He represents the new confident voice of a generation.”

Louis Garrel for Dior


Louis Garrel, a leading figure in contemporary cinema, joins Dior as its menswear ambassador on 16 May. The French actor, director, and screenwriter will embody the spirit and unique style of Dior Men, reinvented each season by artistic director Kim Jones.

Jacob Elordi for Bottega Veneta


Saltburn star Jacob Elordi seamlessly transitioned into the role of Bottega Veneta’s newest brand ambassador on 23 May. This wasn’t a surprise, as Elordi had been a longtime fan of the brand, sporting Bottega Veneta on red carpets in custom suits and casually carrying its signature Andiamo bag.

Son Suk Ku for Burberry


South Korean actor Son Suk-ku is now an official ambassador of the British brand. Rising to fame in the early 2010s, he gained recognition for roles in romantic comedies and political thriller series. Notably, his portrayal in the drama My Liberation Notes earned critical acclaim. With diverse roles spanning genres, Son’s dynamic career aligns seamlessly with Burberry’s ethos of innovation and versatility.

Song Wei Long for Gucci


Acclaimed for his versatile performances, Song Wei long has mesmerised audiences with his leading roles in dramas such as Find Yourself and Go Ahead, earning widespread adoration. His presence at Gucci events like the Autumn/Winter 2024 menswear show in Milan and the Gucci Ancora event in Shanghai, underscores his growing relationship with the fashion house.

Jay Chou for La Mer and RIMOWA

RIMOWA, renowned for its constant exploration and innovation in luggage design, has found a perfect partner in Jay Chou, the “King of Mandopop.” Chou’s relentless pursuit of pushing boundaries and setting new standards in his music perfectly mirrors RIMOWA’s brand values. This natural synergy makes him an ideal choice as their latest ambassador.

Additionally, on April 26th, La Mer proudly announced Jay Chou as their newest brand ambassador. His unique musical style has transcended borders, solidifying his status as one of Asia’s most influential artists, with immense popularity across the region and beyond. Chou’s boundless youthful energy extends beyond music, fuelling his success in film and directing as well.

(RIMOWA first and then La Mer so that it’s clearer)

Yosh Yu for Chaumet


Yosh Yu, a rising star among a new generation of actors, exudes an unrestrained free spirit, genuine sincerity, and tenacity. Named a brand ambassador on 20 April, his unwavering passion and pursuit of excellence align seamlessly with Chaumet’s timeless values, embodying a shared commitment to elevating each and every moment.

Jayson Tatum for Coach


Coach announced Jayson Tatum, forward-guard for the Boston Celtics, as its newest ambassador, on 27 March. This partnership—in line with Coach’s “The Courage To Be Real” campaign—celebrates authenticity and bold self-expression, echoing Tatum’s narrative of resilience and ambition amidst challenges.

Alton Mason for Dolce & Gabbana


Alton Mason, known for his runway prowess and campaign presence, has solidified his position in the fashion realm. Mason’s appreciation for a designer’s creativity and craftsmanship distinguishes him as a visionary. His participation in Dolce&Gabbana’s Milan shows accentuates his infectious energy and alluring style, epitomising the collection’s elegance and artisanal expertise.

Antoine Dupont for Louis Vuitton


In a collaboration between LVMH and the Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024, Louis Vuitton has named Antoine Dupont, former captain of the French national rugby team Le XV, as its latest house ambassador. Dupont’s unwavering determination mirrors Louis Vuitton’s pursuit for excellence. He’s known for being a versatile player with historic achievements under his belt.

Barry Keoghan for Burberry


Actor Barry Keoghan has earned global acclaim for his roles in films such as DunkirkThe Killing of a Sacred Deer, and Banshees of Inisherin—the latter earned him a BAFTA award. Last year, Keoghan graced events wearing Burberry, such as the Burberry Summer 2024 show, the Met Gala, the European premiere of Apple TV+’s Masters of the Air as well as the 2024 BAFTA Film Awards. Burberry creative director Daniel Lee praises Keoghan’s growth over the past five years, describing his talent as inspiring and a great fit for the brand.

Taylor Fritz for BOSS


Taylor Fritz, the dynamic American professional tennis player, has been named the global brand ambassador for BOSS, further solidifying the brand’s relationship with sports. With his embodiment of BOSS’ core values as well as being one of the top American tennis talents right now, this partnership marks a strategic move by the brand to deepen its involvement in tennis.

Gulf Kanawut Traipipattanapong for Gucci


Gulf has emerged as a leading figure in the Thai entertainment scene, showcasing exceptional talent as an actor, model, and singer. His influence extends beyond the screen, as he is celebrated globally for his fashion sense. Before this significant milestone, Gulf fostered a close relationship with Gucci since 2020, gracing events and fashion shows as a friend of the House.

Lang Lang for Dior


As the ambassador of men’s fashion in China, Lang Lang has now become the global face of Dior. Continuously exploring new musical frontiers, this virtuoso pianist deepens his connection with the House, inviting enthusiasts to celebrate the enduring bond between Dior and the enchantment of art and music like never before.

Victor Wembanyama for Louis Vuitton


On February 20, Louis Vuitton announced Victor Wembanyama as its brand ambassador following talks initiated a year earlier. Playing for Paris-based team Metropolitans 92, Wembanyama garnered NBA attention as a LeBron-caliber prospect. Already noticing his talents at an early stage, Louis Vuitton tailored his NBA Draft suit. In his rookie season, Wembanyama clinched MVP, Best Young Player, scoring, and shot-blocking titles.

Aron Piper for Tiffany & Co.


Tiffany & Co. appointed Arón Piper, the Spanish-German actor and singer, as its newest house ambassador. His selection symbolises the convergence of music, art, culture, and luxury. Rising to fame with his breakout role in the acclaimed series Elite, Piper’s career has since flourished. Alongside acting, his passion for music led to the release of the hit song “Sigo” in 2020. It garnered over 100 million plays across digital platforms as well as a sold-out European tour.

Aurelien Giraud for Dior


Aurelien Giraud, revered in skateboarding circles, was selected by Kim Jones to become Dior Men’s fashion ambassador. His audacious spirit and creative flair converge with Dior’s values, blending sportswear, heritage, and reinvention. This distinctive alliance, dedicated to dreams and personal triumph, marks a unique fusion of styles in the pursuit of excellence.

Bam Bam for Louis Vuitton


Louis Vuitton proudly appointed BamBam as their brand ambassador on 1 February. The K-Pop sensation, formerly of GOT7, transitioned to a solo career in 2021 with his album Ribbon. His musical talent, unique style, and magnetic charisma has amassed him a global fanbase. His appearance at the Louis Vuitton Autumn/Winter 2024 menswear show in Paris drew hundreds of fans, with #BamBamXLVFW24 garnering over 2.1 million social media posts.

Greg Hsu for Sulwhasoo and Fendi

Hsu became Fendi’s brand ambassador on 11 January. He has frequently showcased Fendi’s creations from quite a while back. Shortly after, on 19 January, Sulwhasoo expanded its global presence by selecting Hsu as an ambassador. Internationally acclaimed for his role in Someday or One Day, Hsu is also known for his versatility and deep artistic passion beyond acting.

Jeremy Pope for Fendi


Fendi introduced American actor Jeremy Pope as one of its newly appointed male ambassadors alongside Greg Hsu and Massimiliano Caiazzo. With an Emmy, a Golden Globe, and two-time Tony nomination, Pope’s acclaimed performances in The InspectionHollywood, and Pose highlight his talent. His upcoming role as artist Jean-Michel Basquiat in The Collaboration is set to make him an even bigger star.

Massimiliano Caiazzo for Fendi


The Fendi Spring/Summer 2024 campaign marked a significant milestone in Massimiliano Caiazzo’s journey with Fendi. It solidified his bond with the brand after sitting front row Spring/Summer 2024 menswear show held at the FENDI Factory. Caiazzo gained popularity for his portrayal in The Sea Beyond as Mare Fuori and is set to star in the fourth season of the series.

Kauli Vaast for Dior


From his formative years, the Tahitian surfer has been synonymous with the legendary wave. Qualifying to represent France at the Paris 2024 Olympics, Dior recognised his allure and appointed Vaast as its latest brand ambassador. While it may seem unconventional for a fashion brand to sponsor a surfer, Dior has shown interest in the sport in the past. Collaborations with Vissla, French shaper Notox for high-end wetsuits and surfboards, alongside previous sponsorships like Kanoa Igarashi, underscore Dior’s affinity for surfing.

Jamie Dornan for Loewe


Jamie Dornan was appointed brand ambassador for Loewe on 5 January. Dornan has been featured in a number of Loewe campaigns, including for Spring/Summer 2024. His recent accolades include Golden Globe and Critics Choice Award nominations for 2021’s Belfast. “Having watched many of Jamie’s films and following his work closely, he was front of mind when we were thinking about a new ambassador for Loewe. I’ve always liked how his performances embody a sense of strength that feels very pure and organic,” says creative director Jonathan Anderson.

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