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Have you ever struggled to find a pair of glasses that genuinely flattered your face? You’re not alone. Choosing the wrong frame can leave you feeling self-conscious and frustrated. But there’s a solution: artisanal eyewear.

Handcrafted by skilled craftspeople, artisanal eyeglass frames are more than just a functional piece. They’re meticulously crafted works of art designed to enhance your natural features and complement your unique style. The best part? Finding the perfect one for your face shape unlocks a stylish and comfortable look, effortlessly expressing your individuality.

This guide will unveil the secrets of artisanal eyewear, exploring the unique characteristics of different face shapes and their perfect frame styles. By demystifying these essential elements, you can identify your facial structure and discover the ideal frames to enhance your best assets. And once you’re ready to move forward, you can check out the outstanding collection of Jacques Marie Mage glasses or a similar reputable artisanal eyeglass maker. 

Understanding Face Shapes

Before discovering the ideal artisanal frame, understanding your facial structure is essential. The proportions and angles of your facial features, such as your forehead, cheekbones, jawline, and chin, determine this shape. Knowing this can help you choose the best frames to flatter and enhance your natural beauty.

There are seven common face shapes: oval, round, square, heart, diamond, triangle, and oblong. Each has its own characteristics and challenges and requires different frames to balance and harmonize them. To identify this, you can use one of the following methods:

  • Use a face shape calculator – This tool will ask you to enter some measurements of your face, such as the width of your forehead, cheeks, and jawline, and the length of your face. It will also ask you to select your face’s level of sharpness, which refers to how straight or curved your facial lines are. Based on these inputs, the tool will calculate your face shape and provide information and tips.
  • Utilize a face shape app – This technology will ask you to upload a clear, front-facing photo of yourself and then use advanced AI algorithms to analyze your facial contours and detect your face shape. It will also give you insights and suggestions about your face shape, such as your celebrity lookalike, age, gender, and BMI predictions.
  • Employ the traditional method- Stand in a well-lit room before a mirror, ensuring you pull back your hair from your face. Trace the outline of your face in the mirror, following the edges of your forehead, cheekbones, jawline, and chin. Step back and look at the shape you have drawn. Compare it with the descriptions and examples of the seven face shapes and see which matches yours best.

Once you have identified this, you can find the perfect glasses for your face shape.

Finding the Perfect Artisanal Frame

Now that you’ve uncovered the secrets of your face shape, it’s time to explore the exciting world of artisanal eyewear and discover the perfect frame styles to accentuate your unique features. Remember, these are just suggestions to guide your search. Feel free to experiment and find styles you love!


  • Cat-eye – This classic style adds a touch of sophistication and vintage glamor. Consider cat-eye frames with a subtle upward curve to flatter the oval face and complement its natural balance.
  • Wayfarer – A modern twist on a timeless style. For the oval face, consider wayfarers with a slightly thicker frame for a bold yet balanced look.
  • Aviator – This iconic silhouette is always a safe bet. Consider aviator frames with a sleek, modern design to add a touch of coolness and mystery to the oval face.


  • Rectangle – Embrace the power of strong lines and angles! Consider rectangular frames with slightly thicker edges to help stretch the face and add definition. 
  • Square – Strike a balance between the curves of the round face and geometric shapes. Choose square frames with slightly rounded edges for a bold and modern touch. 
  • Browline – Add a touch of vintage flair with browline frames. Pick those with slightly thinner top edges for a fresh take and add interest and definition to the round face.


  • Round – Choose round or slightly oval frames with gentle curves to soften the strong angles of the square face, adding a touch of femininity and charm.
  • Oval – Create a sense of balance and harmony with this type. Consider frames with slightly thinner rims for a contemporary update and to add sophistication and elegance.
  • Cat-Eye – Embrace a playful and flirty look with cat-eye frames. Pick those with slightly upswept corners for a touch of whimsy and femininity.


  • Aviator – Balance the proportions of the heart face by drawing attention upwards with aviator frames. Consider classic aviator styles with an updated look for relaxed sophistication.
  • Cat-eye – Highlight the cheekbones and soften the narrow chin of the heart face with cat-eye frames. Choose styles with a slightly angled design for an elegant and timeless look.
  • Rimless -Embrace a minimalist aesthetic and let your natural beauty blossom with rimless glasses. These delicate styles offer a clean, unobtrusive look, highlighting your unique features without distraction.



  • Oval – Add width to the lower half of the diamond face and soften the angles with oval frames. Consider slightly oversized oval edges for a classic and flattering look.
  • Cat-Eye – Emphasize the high cheekbones and balance the narrow chin of the diamond face with cat-eye frames. Choose cat-eye styles with a slightly raised design and a touch of embellishment for added glamor and sophistication.
  • Aviator – Lengthen the diamond face and create a sense of balance with aviator frames. Choose classic styles with a touch of personality and slightly thinner rims for a timeless and elegant look.


  • Wayfarer – Add width and shorten the extended face with wayfarer frames. Consider those with slightly thicker frames for a bold and modern approach.
  • Round – Soften the extended face and add a touch of playfulness with round frames. Choose those with a slightly thicker proportion for a whimsical and charming touch.
  • Clubmaster – Add balance and interest to the stretched face with clubmaster frames. Choose styles with a slightly thinner top setting for a vintage-inspired look with an exciting element.


  • Browline – These frames feature thicker top edges and a thinner bottom lip, drawing the eye upwards and balancing the proportions of the triangle face.
  • Cat-Eye – Choose cat-eye frames with slightly tilted corners and a heavier top frame to create the illusion of a wider forehead and balance the strong jawline.
  • Rectangle with a twist – Pick rectangular frames with slightly wider top fringes and curved edges to soften the angles while maintaining a balanced look.

Explore the endless possibilities of artisanal eyewear. Discover the perfect frame that expresses your unique personality and complements your face shape. You can even give this gift of vision and style this holiday season with a handcrafted masterpiece.

Final Thoughts

Your face shape is a unique map, guiding you towards frames that reveal your beauty. Explore the vibrant world of artisanal eyewear and discover a style that reflects your essence and ignites your confidence. Let your eyes shine and your personality bloom, one handcrafted masterpiece at a time.

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