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Clinical skincare treatments, such as micro-needling, resurfacing procedures, or at-home laser therapy, are becoming increasingly popular for enhancing skin quality and addressing various dermatological concerns. While these treatments offer promising results, proper care invested in a post-procedural routine is just as vital to the recovery and improvement of the skin. These aftercare products, such as CALECIM®’s stem cell serum, assist in emphasizing the positive impacts of the treatments and maximize its long-term effects, soothing any discomfort that more sensitive skin would attain from the treatment and boosting the recovery process within the dermal layers. This is why Calecim’s professional microneedling serum is becoming increasingly popular.

With microneedling, especially where the skin endures some clinical trauma of being punctured by multiple tiny needles to create microscopic wounds and prompt collagen production, the swelling and discomfort can be eased with products such as those from CALECIM®. Since the skin is in the perfect state to absorb these nutrients post-treatment, the efficacy of the procedure is further enhanced, leading to stronger results. The recovery process is expedited, and the discomfort is significantly reduced with these products.

A crucial factor in determining the effectiveness of such aftercare applications is the difference between products developed by science-backed brands compared to those from over-the-counter beauty brands, whose lack of efficacy may fail to deliver more enhanced outcomes on the skin. CALECIM® is one such example of a company that has established its science-backed, professional-grade products in the skincare industry that are recommended for their unique skin-restoring properties. Their evidence-based stem cell skincare products are formulated with higher concentrations of active ingredients which are known to deliver significantly better results, as they have been scientifically tested to prove their effects on the dermis.

A key ingredient in CALECIM® stem cell skincare products is PTT-6®, a patented active ingredient derived from stem cells. Clinical validation and thorough research show that PTT-6® enhances skin density, boosts the production of hyaluronic acid and elastin, and improves skin cell production. The ingredient contains over 3,000 growth factors, proteins, and exosomes that facilitate cellular communication, enable healing, epithelialization, and collagen synthesis. These properties contribute to accelerated skin repair, making CALECIM® products a valuable addition to post-procedure skincare routines. They are designed to work fast and require relatively smaller amounts in each dosage while amplifying the overall results.

Dermatologist-recommended skincare products after clinical procedures can be immensely helpful. For many skincare practitioners and physicians, a main goal is to enrich and optimize the longevity of their treatments and satisfy their customers; hence, they would naturally turn to cosmeceutical products from brands like CALECIM® to help them achieve this. Formulations that help with post-treatment recovery of the skin have been proven to be beneficial additions for use during and after such treatments to boost and maintain the results.

CALECIM®’s Multi-Action Cream is particularly known for its ability to speed up epidermal cell turnover and provide anti-aging effects, while the Recovery Night Complex cream is recommended for sealing up the skin barrier, reducing water loss, and ensuring adequate hydration. Calecim’s products are formulated to ensure seamless compatibility with other skincare products. It can be used alongside retinoids, AHAs, and antioxidants, offering advantageous flexibility to tailor your skincare routine to your needs and preferences.

The use of CALECIM® Professional extends beyond the clinic, finding a place in daily and personalized skincare routines. Both physicians and patients acknowledge the remarkable capabilities of these products, making them a preferred choice for in-clinic aftercare and at-home maintenance. When paired with the microneedling procedure as an aftercare application, the Professional Microneedling Serum reduces the swelling, redness and discomfort that are a result of controlled skin injuries, swiftly helping to accelerate the recovery process.

Its potency comes from being enriched with 80% of the PTT-6® ingredient that’s derived from ethically sourced stem cells, where it’s made of a powerful blend of growth factors and exosomes that rejuvenate and protect the skin. These are funnelled directly into the dermis layers and facilitate communication between the skin cells to commence the restoration steps, and active glycoproteins within the serum add to the anti-aging effects that the microneedling procedure induces.

For both in-clinic and at-home microneedling, the integration of CALECIM®’s Professional Serum is straightforward. Physicians can apply the serum immediately after the procedure to alleviate post-treatment discomfort and facilitate faster healing, and for at-home users, application can continue in the days following the treatment, to allow for deeper penetration and absorption of the essential nutrients, as well as enhanced skin aesthetics.

In order to improve the dermis’s natural healing processes after clinical skin treatments like microneedling, applying topical serums as aftercare is essential. Where new skin cells, collagen and elastin are produced in the process, CALECIM®s products, with their evidence-based approach and focus on stem cell technology, have aimed to strengthen and build upon these effects and have proven to be a reliable and valuable choice for such post-procedure skincare. Whether used in clinical settings or at-home procedures, the combined efficacy of microneedling and stem cell serums contributes greatly to improved skin health, texture, repair and firmness, among other aesthetic and physiological outcomes.

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