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Let time freeze in the breathtaking Aegean view in one of Mykonos Luxury Villas by MLV this Holiday season. Take the time to sit back and enjoy a Mykonian sunset in an infinity pool with a glass of champagne when everything is taken care of for you. True moments of indulgence await in mesmerizing locations all over this Mediterranean jewel.

Private luxury estates in remote locations for those wishing to find their inner peace and cleanse their aura in Vogue-esque Villas which are embellished with enchanting sceneries for a Mykonos Holiday never to be forgotten. For those looking to be in the spotlight 24/7, estates overlooking some of the most cosmopolitan locations on the island like Psarou Beach Mykonos or the marvelous windmills in Mykonos Town Little Venice, are also at your disposal.

MLV.Villas are what dreams are made of. From intimate estates, to 4-10 bedroom Villas to grand complexes for large groups to rejoice their time on the Queen of the Aegean, everything is at your feet.


Over 180 properties carefully selected according to the highest standards of luxury, comfort and privacy, await to accommodate you in a fantasy Mykonos Holiday.

The MLV- Mykonos Luxury Villas Team has handpicked for their elite clientele only the finest properties in an upscale collection of estates all over Mykonos. They offer different collections for guests in accordance with their wishes and needs: Town Proximity Collection, Beach Proximity Collection, Party and Celebration Collection, Privacy & Seclusion Collection and for those among their guests looking for the finest Mykonian aesthetics of the Modern Collection.

MLV guarantees the quality and maintenance of all Luxury Villas through cooperating with villa owners and the in-house staff. All of our villas are in the finest of conditions and offer private pools, high-end decoration and furnishing from world-known designers, as well as mesmerizing views of the Aegean Sea.

Mykonos Lifestyle Services

A luxury home is never complete without world-known concierge services ready to cater to your every need! All types of services are offered in order to put together for you not just a holiday but a true Mykonian dream at the leap of luxury. MLV offers elite chauffeur services in association with carefully selected local partners and car rental services to ensure safe, protected and comfortable transfers throughout your journey.

Specializing in VIP guests their security services are impeccable in ensuring a tranquil, private and safe stay on the island, in accordance with their elite guests’ needs.

For further journeys around Mykonos and Greece, their concierge team offers the greatest personalized and the highest quality luxury charter and yachting services for your getaways while on the island.  Mykonos is a unique starting point for island hopping thus they specialize in enabling an all-around Aegean trip on a private yacht or even longer distances on luxurious charters.

In MLV- Mykonos Luxury Villas every and any service you demand is offered. Distinguished in-house chefs to cater to any dietary preferences. Their chefs are award-winning in their culinary art and they specialize in passionately searching for products of the best quality exclusively for the MLV clients.

Simultaneously, they make sure to keep avid fitness routines alive while on a Mykonos holiday and selecting an MLV estate. Exclusive personal training services to suit your routine are provided under the Mykonian sun kissing your skin and a breathtaking Grecian view on the horizon. Individually or in groups choose your wellness schedule from an array of different activities: Pilates, yoga, aero fitness or a combination to revitalize your senses and breathe in the refreshing Mykonian breeze.

After a long day of sunbathing and a long night in the nightlife capital of Europe, they can provide you with the finest spa therapies to calm your senses and reach the ultimate relaxation. All types of dynamic and relaxing massages are available from our top-notch specialists. Beauty and aesthetic services can also be provided to ensure a glamorous look suitable for the jet-set Mykonos scenery.

So, which premium breathtaking Mykonos Luxury Villa by MLV will be your Home for the next summer?

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