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Images courtesy of Arezzo

Renowned international supermodel Gisele Bündchen has revealed her exciting partnership with the esteemed women’s footwear brand Arezzo, where she takes center stage as the face of their latest campaign, “On My Way.” This collaboration seamlessly blends Bündchen’s iconic presence with Arezzo’s audacious and authentic style, ensuring a distinctive journey into women’s fashion.

Guided by the creative vision of Giovanni Blanco, the “On My Way” collection embodies the spirit of forging new paths, featuring a cutting-edge fusion of materials and gleaming golden metals. From chic high boots to charming doll ballerinas, spacious maxi bags, and exclusive print-adorned belts, the collection harmoniously merges elegance and modernity, showcasing warm brown tones and metallic highlights.

As a global leader in women’s footwear fashion, Arezzo boasts a rich history spanning over five decades, with a strong presence in more than 50 countries through an extensive distribution network including franchises and 450 retail stores. Founded in 1972 by brothers Anderson and Jefferson Birman, Arezzo has evolved into the largest women’s footwear brand in Latin America.

Recognized as a trendsetter, Arezzo has garnered admiration from influential figures such as Victoria Beckham, Isabela Grutman, Elena Galera, Alix Earle, and Winnie Harlow. The brand’s participation in major fashion events worldwide has solidified its status as a top-of-mind name in the footwear segment, thanks to the outstanding quality of its genuine leather designs.

At the core of Arezzo’s identity is the inspiration drawn from the real, free, and unique woman who values comfort without compromising on elegance. With a dedicated team of over 7,000 individuals committed to craftsmanship and innovative manufacturing processes, the brand maintains its relevance by embracing diversity and adapting to evolving trends.

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