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Esports have risen to popularity with staggering speed. Considering how new the category is compared to other forms of competitive entertainment, its rise has been astronomical. Data from Newzoo predicts an 8% CAGR, with audience numbers at over 640 million by 2025. The most popular title in the market is League of Legends (LOL), which broke records as the most-watched game in 2023. The Worlds 2023 Grand Final viewing numbers peaked at 6.4 million, showcasing a deeply engaged audience. LOL is emerging as the esports leader for modern audiences, leading the pack in luxury partnerships as well. While other titles like Fortnite and Roblox have also become known for collaborations with major brands, LOL still sets itself apart as the blueprint. 

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The League of Legends esports scene 

The team at LOL is selective with the brands it collaborates with, making each premium partnership feel justified and tasteful. Luxury brands are keen on partnering with the Riot Games title to tap into the large demographic enraptured by the game. 68% of gamers in their 30s and 40s play daily, with the financial capacity to respond and transact based on any strategic marketing done by said luxury brands.?Players are already primed to spend on digital assets because they are already spending money on runes, champions, boosts, and cosmetic items. Spending on the game is so commonplace that developers even created an official portal for players to check how much they’ve spent in-game.

To understand how entrenched its esports scene is, you only need to look at LOL betting tips that break down the diverse meta, team rosters, and gameplay strategy. Experts focus on tracking team and player statistics, making understanding the mechanics of all 167 champions essential. In this team-based game, two groups of five champions face off and try to destroy each other’s camp. There are various structures and additional enemies, but the main goal is eradicating the Nexus.?Betters monitor the huge tournaments dedicated to LOL, with high-stakes events like the LOL World Championship. Every region also has its own set of tourneys with different star teams. Huge multi-game esports teams like DRX and Vitality are known in their respective regions for leading LCK and LEC accordingly. With a prize pool recently worth $2.2 million, it’s no wonder luxury brands are now trying to tie themselves to the LOL scene. Take a look at some of the biggest partnerships you might have missed. 


[Credit – @mercedesbenzusa on Instagram] 

Mercedes-Benz has long maintained its position as a luxury car brand that never leaves the list of top-selling vehicle brands yearly. With that, it only makes sense that it pairs with one of the most successful multiplayer games on the market. The brand has sponsored LOL Worlds for four years and will likely continue to do so in 2024. 

Every time, Mercedes-Benz has launched campaigns in support of the event. In 2022, chief Mercedes designer Gorden Wagner even developed an all-virtual show car for MBxLoLEsports. This was the first of its kind, and it celebrated that year’s world championship.

Tiffany & Co.

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Innovation has always set Tiffany & Co. apart from its contemporaries in luxury jewelry. The Tiffany diamond has become an iconic symbol of decadence, and many sporting events sought out the brand’s craftsmanship for their trophies.

Now, League of Legends boasts its collection of iconic Tiffany pieces, which are gaining fame in esports. The high-end specialty design house has designed and created intricate trophies for the game since 2020. The latest one, dubbed the Summoner’s Cup, is made of stainless steel, brass, and sterling silver and weighs 44 pounds. It took 277 hours of work across four months to complete. 

Louis Vuitton

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This luxury partnership started as most game-fashion house collaborations do: with the release of exclusive skins. For 1,650 RP (the in-game currency), players could equip the True Damage Qiyana Prestige Edition skin and wrap their weapon in the classic LV pattern.

Riot Games proudly touted this as the first ever collab between a major esports title and a luxury fashion house. The partnership didn’t end with digital items, either. Louis Vuitton came out with a capsule collection with wearable physical items. The LVxLOL collection features 40 pieces and dropped in 2020, with the star of the collection being a leather jacket worth $5,600. It also features multiple bags, the cheapest of which is the LVxLOL Party Palm Springs Backpack at $750. 


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