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JFOODO, the Japan Food Product Overseas Promotion Center established by the Japanese government, has launched their Japanese Wagyu campaign in the United States. Chefs and butchers in New York City, Los Angeles and San Francisco are showcasing dishes featuring  Japanese Wagyu.

JFOODO’s goal is to introduce more American diners to Japanese Wagyu. Running through February 10th, 2024, Japanese Wagyu will have expanded representation on dining menus in target cities throughout the United States.

Partner restaurants range from fine dining establishments to trendy premium casual destinations and brunch spots. Dishes developed use a wide variety of Japanese Wagyu cuts and unique culinary applications.

In addition to brick-and-mortar locations, three e-commerce brands,  WagyumanMeat N’ Bone  and Pursuit Farms, are also participating in the campaign. Each of these meat purveyors have put together dinner party meal kits and special gift packages that offer consumers the opportunity to bring the Japanese Wagyu experience into their own kitchens. 

New York City’s featured restaurant partners include:

Carriage House (A5 Wagyu Canape, A5 Carpaccio Gratin)

Cocoron Market (A5 Wagyu Onigiri, A5 Wagyu Menchi Katsu Sando)

El Fish Marisqueria (Japanese Wagyu Picanha Tostada, Tacos Surf & Turf)

Flip Sigi (Atchara A5 Wagyu Taco)

J-Spec Wagyu Dining (A5 Wagyu Katsu Sando, A5 Wagyu Philly Cheesesteak)

Lure Fishbar (A5 Wagyu Steak & Eggs, A5 Wagyu Tartare Crispy Rice) 

noreetuh (Braised Miyazaki Wagyu short ribs, Carpaccio of Miyazaki Wagyu tenderloin)

Salt + Charcoal (S+C A5 Wagyu Sukiyaki, A5 Wagyu Burger) 

STK Steakhouse (A5 Wagyu French Dip Sandwich, A5 Wagyu Tacos)

THE GALLERY by odo (Japanese Wagyu Shabu Shabu, A5 Wagyu Steak Burger)

Wagyu Club at Esora (Wagyu Omakase with Kobe steak and Kobe sukiyaki)Zuma New York (A5 Tenderloin wagyu tartare on bone marrow)


San Francisco featured restaurant partners include:

Gozu (Tallow Caramel Bars Premium Stick Bar Selection)

Yokai (Snow Beef Chuck Roll SkewerWagyu Fat-Washed cocktail)

Niku Steakhouse (Japanese Croquettes Amuse Bouche)

Harris’ Restaurant (Authentic A5 Japanese Miyazaki Wagyu Ribeye)

The Butchershop (Chuck Roll Roast Beef Sandwich)

iChina (Grilled Miyazaki  A5 Wagyu ribeye with crispy Wagyu puff)


Los Angeles

Shibumi (Wagyu Beef Neck Doteyaki with Chestnuts and Beef Tendon)

Niku X (Japanese Wagyu Tartare Futo-maki)

Pizzeria SeiOpen Market (Grilled Japanese Wagyu “gyro” wrap with smashed chili oil cucumbers, pickled red onions, garlic-yogurt sauce and flatbread)

Campo e Carbon (Chicharron de Japanese Wagyu with Yuzukosho, Guacamole and Salsa Borracha) 

Tre Mani (Wagyu tri tip, roasted and sliced thin on Tre Mani’s signature Schiacciata with a hybrid Tonkatsu meets Santa Maria Style BBQ sauce) 

Ile Bistro (Japanese Wagyu Suya)

STK (A5 French Dip with miso au jus, caramelized onions, horseradish cream)

Baltaire (Miyazaki A5 Strip Loin)

For a complete list of participating restaurants, their special menus and U.S.-based online retail outlets, and to learn more about the history and traditions of Japanese Wagyu, please visit Wagyu of Japan


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