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Kelly Max–Modernist/Solvv

Connecting conflicting ideas can be easy or difficult depending on the subject and object involved. When seeing a visionary do it however,  their ease looks so simple. For them it is easy, for others it is not.

In our experience, visionaries tie different ideas or concepts, in different modes or different universes– together easily. This is partly because, in general, they are future-oriented, and often speak a language of potential and opportunity, not as much tied to the grounded reality most of us live and communicate in.  When someone says,  “Well, that behavior( or product or comment) is so Web 2.0,” most of us don’t know what to make of it. FYI, it is a slur, not a compliment.  Kelly Max knows this, and is not offended.

This is because he is a Web 3.0 visionary, and moving quickly, and daily, to higher numbers. His concepts are future-based, as was the first company he founded, called Solvv. A community/consumer innovation group, Solvv’s goal is, as Kelly comments, “to look at how we can create high-utility/profit systems that help our community members and our company thrive at the same time.”

But it would not be correct to assume that Kelly was working alone. Visionaries must convince others to understand and operationalize ideas, and his work is enhanced by The Creator Collective, Tyler Clinton, Samy Halim, and David Minor, a team he assembled – to put his ideas into the art with music that is now part of the Modernist ideation.

In addition, another part of Solvv,  Solvv.X – the idea/innovation lab, created a truly new idea: an NFT Art Collection called Modernist. It is an idea that has high NFT UHNW potential, as it is a result of effective luxury community cross-pollination and exceptional originality.

Non-fungible tokens (NFT’s) have taken the art world by storm. Total market cap of NFT’s have hit approximately $50 Billion in 2022 and is only expected to grow. The prior NFT Collections, Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks, are now selling for over a million dollars in some cases. Kelly and his team’s Modernist Collection takes NFTs to a different aesthetic level, more Pop Art, less cartoon.

This is the market where Kelly Max and his team’s Modernist NFT Collection will launch, and with two important, highly lucrative, differentiators.

First, it is a digitally interchangeable, limited in number art collection, with uniquely inventive levels positioned to attract collectors and drive secondary trading in order to increase its original asset value.

The digital NFT Modernist image, right now, is of an androgynous being.  Unlike with other NFT tokens, there are no cartoon characters, no animal hybrids. The NFT Modernist image is a complex, neutral-identity approach to the human face. It is more pop art than anything else.

Second, one NFT Modernist image may be split into four, each of the four splits can be gamified – in other words, adding game mechanics into non-game environments, to increase participation. The goal of gamification and a goal with Modernist also, is to collect new constellations, and create new connections that unlock benefits of an attractive reward bank, as well as engage with consumers, employees, and partners to inspire collaboration and sharing. Because one image can be broken into four, each of the four can be interchanged, and traded or sold eventually if the buyer wishes.  When launched, the price is $500.00 for the first piece of the framed image. Total NFTs that will be available for purchase: 9500. The price is low, but is also an accessible entry point for most, with the eventual goal of greater trading equaling greater value increase.

Further, the Modernist collection’s social purpose is to allow community members to buy into the SOLVV community –financially, aesthetically, and emotionally, thus increasing the value of their original Modernist investment through high engagement in the Modernist Collection Playbook. In this Playbook, each of the tiles, the four sections that make up the NFT Modernist Image, can be interchanged with others.

So, the Modernist splittable – divisible– images are more than just digitally interchangeable.  They can also be seen as an overall attractive Reward Bank to create fiscal attention in the secondary market. They also offer access to Phantom Shares — offering buyers an investment opportunity beyond the value of the NFT at any given time. Then, NFT Modernist image holders will have access to exclusive experiential events around the world – both in IRL (in real life) and in URL (The Metaverse.)

Because the NFT Modernist images have the propensity to change digitally, they may also sometimes be associated with the mood of the viewer.

Finally, there are sonic logos – or, sounds, tied to the images, so the Modernist images may also sometimes be changed to underscore the mood of the viewer/holder when showcased at home, or in galleries on NFT specific frames that further legitimize the ownership of the digital art piece.

Kelly Max is enthusiastic about the future possibilities, not only for fiscal advances but also for the potentially bright collaborative future of holders of one or more NFT Modernist images.  “In addition to holding a piece of exceptional art,” Kelly comments, “ they can also be considered as holders of an access card that is also an image canvas, a fiscal instrument, and a method of belonging to an elite club of the future right now, and all at the same time.”



Instagram: @modernist_nft/

Twitter: @modernist_NFT

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