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It is said that a luxury indicator of a person, either male or female, is being comfortable with his or her style sense. From clothes to accessories, style usually means everything seen and unseen contributes to the overall luxury identity.  In this regard, all details are important, and often the smallest detail speaks about the owner’s vision of uniform luxury. It also speaks to the LAGARTO vision, including legacy and heritage.

Brilliant diamonds, precious platinum and gold are the material of choice upon which LAGARTO’s brand heritage is based.  Sourced for their perfection, these materials, together with the finest exotic leathers, then handcrafted by LAGARTO’s craftsmen, form the basis of the world’s most exclusive bifold wallets and card holders.  Offered in the Master-Line and Master-Class collection, LAGARTO’s products reflect the UHNW understanding of legacy, craftsmanship and worth.

LAGARTO’s vision combines these diamonds, metals, and leathers to create the Master-Class collection. Each colorless, VVS-graded melee diamond is carefully inspected and selected. Cut, color, clarity, and carat weight are evaluated, and only the most perfect diamonds are used to compliment LAGARTO’s Master Class wallets. A specialized pavé technique — perfected by the LAGARTO master jeweler — fastens the diamonds onto the 18-carat gold or platinum corners.

Those details, quintessential yet small, all with unseen processes that further perfect the product, define how the LAGARTO products become unforgettable, as they combine perfect skins, precious metals, and melee diamonds into perfect legacy designs.

LAGARTO has its head office in Canada and is currently in the e-commerce bandwidth only.  Their leathers –exterior exotic and interior — are sourced from Hermès Cuirs Precieux (Hcp) tannery, the subsidiary and identical source of the Hermès French luxury design house.

Crocodile is considered, according to a LAGARTO’s spokesperson, the king of exotics and the Porosus, Nile, and American Alligator species are among the most sought-after for leather making.  Selecting the species to use depends on the size of product, and then finding the right crocodile size. Further, the more special the tanning or coloring is, the rarer it is.  

As a point of reference, one crocodile skin can make one bifold wallet only.  The LAGARTO spokesperson commented that, if they bought larger skins, the beauty of crocodile patterning would be diminished. LAGARTO prefers the customer’s attention to be focused on the finest details of small, elegant, patterns, often highlighted by precious metals and diamonds.   

The presentation boxes of the LAGARTO product are also works of art: hand crafted wood, and inside another unique hand-crafted leather work of art: an exceptional gift and travel accessory for the luxury detail oriented, UHNW consumer. 

LAGARTO’s cardholder and bifold wallets range from $2300 to $5800 USD. Priced reasonably, as they are one-of-a-kind.

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