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Why a vacation guide to Saint-Tropez? Man has always praised and recognized the beauty of nature. He also tries to make some steps for the improvement and progress of the beauty that nature gives us. There are places in the world that are filled with the beauty of nature like a jewel.

We are happy to introduce you to one of the most wonderful, sumptuous and beautiful places on earth, it is called “Saint-Tropez”. So without further ado, we will give you a detailed overview by answering a few questions for your better understanding.

This way, the questions you have about Saint-Tropez will also be answered if you decide to go there one day.
Saint-Tropez old Village

Is Saint-Tropez worth visiting ? 

Church of Saint-Tropez

There are so many pretty, fun-filled, and beautiful places that bring comfort to your eyes.

Saint-Tropez has many wooden fishing boats, yachts, various chic cafes, beautiful colorful houses, winding alleys that join small shady squares, and many other sights that make your visit worthwhile.

Saint-Tropez is also a coastline of fine sandy beaches, famous beach clubs, grandiose villas where the jetset enjoys itself without counting.

 When we deepen the visit of Saint-Tropez, you can feel yourself strolling in the soft and charming alleys. Follow us !

Walk along the Old Port and the Fisherman’s Houses

If you want to get the most out of your Saint-Tropez getaway, you have to enjoy every place and every moment. You can take a walk along the quays of the Vieux Port.

Watching the people stroll and the sweet sea air will give you a great feeling. It is a sweet experience to observe the way of life in the south of France and discover its culture.

You leave the Old Port and its yachts to reach the mythical Place des Lices. This is where the game of Pétanque is played, between local players and artists on vacation, in summer the crowd rushes in at the end of the day for games that go on late …..

Walking in Saint-Tropez old village
Saint-Tropez Old Harbour

Continue your visit on the Place de la Mairie and then on the small beach of La Ponche. Obligatory shopping stop with the luxury brands along your wanderings.

Look up and see the terraces of the old fishermen’s houses transformed into richly equipped vacation homes with a breathtaking view of the gulf. No cars here, the entire center is pedestrianized, so take advantage of the season to visit a gallery or have a drink on the terrace.

Reach the top of the Citadel

If you are a nature lover, you must put the Citadel on your list of must-sees. Reaching the top of the Citadel and its many steps is energetic and already a beautiful adventure, but you won’t be disappointed by the view of the city and the whole gulf of Saint-Tropez.

If you want to know more about the Citadel, its history and to visit it, go to the article we have published especially on cultural outings in Saint-Tropez.
Saint-Tropez view from Citadel

Coastal Path

This is one of the most exciting hiking areas, with beautiful rocks, greenery and small beaches with turquoise waters. You can enjoy deserted places to share a picnic with your family or take a swim in a cove jutting out into the sea.

The beautiful scenery, breathtaking views, boats and clear waters of the beaches offer you a complete package of excursions. When the sun beams down on the overhanging hills, the colors light up and the golden rocks are splendid.

Sentier du littoral – Les Parcs
la Moutte hidden beach

You will discover small secret beaches, accessible only by foot. La Moutte is an emblematic beach that will take you more than 30 minutes but you will spend a moment of complete solitude and enjoy the soft sand and the crystal clear sea.

If you want to know more, go to an article that we dedicated to the beaches of Saint-Tropez.

Pampelonne Beach & Beach Club

The beach of Pampelonne hosts private beach clubs and reserves large stretches of public beach as well. The beach is more than 5 km long, entirely of fine sand. There is plenty of access by car, so you can find parking nearby. There is plenty of space for you to enjoy long days on the beach and to have fun with establishments offering many water sports for jetskiing, paddle, windsurfing, ….

Moreover, there are many private beach clubs where you can fully entertain and make your day memorable. Some famous beach clubs include Club Pearl Beach, club Les Palmiers, and le Club 55.

Pampelonne Beach Club

These clubs invite you to spend a relaxing day on the beach. You will enjoy exceptional dishes, accompanied by champagne or rosé wine from the region. Atmosphere guaranteed, the many clubs offer different atmospheres, calm or electric, each one will find its universe, with friends or family from 7 to 77 years old. has dedicated an article to the different Beach Clubs, to be visited urgently. The team works with the different Clubs in order to book the best places and advise its clients. See you here !

Gastronomic & Iconic Restaurants

Gastronomic restaurants are places where the art and science of eating well are used to take guests on a journey of discovery.

Saint-Tropez is a renowned destination, offering a wide range of restaurants with a high level of quality and choice, expected by its visitors and temporary residents.

L’ Opera Saint-Tropez

Some gastronomy or emblematic restaurants in Saint Tropez are :

Our favorite address is the Trattoria Marcellino which takes us to Italy with an ideal presence right on the port. Stéphane and his team are waiting for you for southern flavors.

Where to stay in SAINt-Tropez ?

Beautiful Villas with sea direct access in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez

Saint-Tropez is an amazing and charming vacation spot. Here, you have so many options and choices for your stay, with a full range according to your desire.

You will find all the possible accommodations that you can select according to your criteria of choice and your budget. You will be able to book between the different hotels and palaces, from St Tropez to Ramatuelle, for a short stay but also nights in BnB, apartment rentals, beach bungalows and many others.

If you want to avoid any inconvenience then you can visit or call for the best, in budget proposals.

How much money do you need for Saint-Tropez ?

Without a doubt, a trip to Saint-Tropez is worth your while. You will enjoy it, for sure; all the places are picturesque, beautiful and singular, gathering the beauties of nature that everyone wants to discover and share. When you get almost everything you want in one town and its surroundings, it is obvious that it will become dear to you.

Saint-Tropez is a popular destination for the world’s rich and famous. You must therefore have a large budget if you wish to stay in the luxurious villas of the parks of Ramatuelle and the peninsula of Saint-Tropez.

Villa for rent in of Saint-Tropez

Luxury villas rent for up to $500,000 per month, but you can find accommodations at all price points. The hotel offer is inevitably high-end with a strong offer of 4 and 5 star hotels as well as Palaces.

The rental offer is limited and the rates are obviously high. In high season, advance booking is essential!

How many days do you need in Saint-Tropez ?

As we explained to you, it is a place where, once you have discovered it, you want to come back to it as if from an imaginary world.

You must stay 2 days to enjoy and visit the village and the peninsula. Soak up the narrow streets, the sunset on the majestic harbor filled with yachts from all over the world and the charm of the hinterland. These lights will be eternally sweet and will never fade from your memory.

If you wish to spend your vacations there, then between the beach, the sea outings, the evenings for night owls and the atmosphere of the many establishments where you will be able to eat, your stay will bring together all the pleasures and the party or the calm and the pleasure, according to your personal objectives.

Saint-Tropez Villa in Les Canebiers

How to reach saint-Tropez ?

It is up to you to choose your means of transportation to get to Saint-Tropez because everything is possible!

Distance between St Tropez and French Riviera key destination

The distance between Saint-Tropez and the spots on the French Riviera depends directly on where you stay or where you start your trip. The peninsula is large and during the summer season, travel by car is relatively long. Crowds of tourists gather early in the morning, concentrating on the Vieux Port and adjacent streets, making traffic difficult.

Thus, the times from and to Saint-Tropez depend strongly on your place of departure and your mode of transport.

Saint-Tropez is close to the most famous and mythical places of the French Riviera. You will find the distances below :

  • Saint-Tropez – Cannes : 86 km
  • Saint-Tropez – Nice : 112 km
  • Saint-Tropez – Cap d’Antibes : 100 km
  • Saint-Tropez – Monaco : 134 km

Saint-Tropez by train, bus and boat

If you choose the train option to reach Saint-Tropez then it is reasonably accessible by high speed train (TGV) from France and some European capitals. There are two train stations near Saint-Tropez :

  • Saint-Raphael  (38 km to St Tropez)
  • Les Arcs-Draguignan  (42 km to St Tropez)

You can then reach the village of Saint-Tropez by bus, or by cab. Both services are available from the train stations. From Saint-Raphael station, a boat line is also available with a regular service. In summer it is the fastest and most pleasant way to travel.

Saint Tropez by air

Traveling to Saint-Tropez by plane is a good option if you are coming from far away or if you want to avoid the traffic in summer. It is the preferred means of transportation for summer visitors to their vacation homes in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. You have different possibilities to come by plane :

The closest airport to Saint-Tropez is Toulon/Hyeres (TLN) which is 40 km away. Two international airports are also nearby, about 100 km. You can fly to Nice Côte d’Azur or Marseille Provence.

Saint-Tropez also has an airport a few kilometers from the peninsula but it is reserved for private jets only. It is the fastest way to reach your destination. Find detailed information on the airport website.

Saint-Tropez La Mole Airport
Private Jet in La Mole

Moreover, if you want to leave or reach Saint-Tropez comfortably, quickly and safely, you can opt for the helicopter option. You will benefit from a time saving and the pleasure of flying over the Mediterranean and its divine coast. Renting a private helicopter flight will also allow you to land directly in the villas equipped with a heliport.

You can reach Saint-Tropez by helicopter from Nice Côte d’Azur airport in 20 minutes for a fee of about 300 euros per person. Some private airlines also offer helicopters in addition to airplanes for a total optimization of your transportation.

The team accompanies its clients through its concierge assistance for helicopter transfers to airports in the region and even to Geneva (Switzerland).

Saint Tropez by limousine or sport car

If you want to make your trip memorable and enjoy a privileged moment in Saint-Tropez, you can opt for the option of your transportation in a limousine or sports car, with or without driver.

Although it takes longer to travel by car than by helicopter, the charm of the car and the comfort will allow you to discover the picturesque coast. Renting a car will also allow you to move freely on the peninsula to visit the beaches or the old town. You will appreciate this freedom whether you are driving with your hair blowing in the wind or behind the smoked windows of a van.

Bugatti Chiron in front of Sénéquier – Saint-Tropez harbour

Come and spend a pleasant stay in the Gulf of Saint Tropez and you will not forget it!

Written by : Xavier – May 27, 2022


Luxury Villa in Les Parcs of Saint-Tropez



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