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Siempre Tequila is not only my favorite tequila, but they keep coming out with new expressions that make me love the product even more! 

They just launched Supremo Blanco, an impressive new traditional project from Siempre that high proof lovers will enjoy.

In order to make Supremo, the folks at Siempre take the supermo agaves and bake them in traditional brick ovens using locomotive-style steam to heat. Once fully cooked, they are unloaded and crushed using tahona. The collected juice is then wild fermented, which means they don’t add any yeast and just let nature run its course. 

Once fermented, it is distilled twice in alambique stills, then the hearts and a significant part of the tail of the distillate are collected and bottled at still strength. 

I was fortunate to have received a sample bottle from my friends at Siempre sent a bottle from the company and included my thoughts below. 

To the nose, Supremo offers a bright agave, fruit, minerals, whiff of hay, nice and clean with no overpowering alcohol you might fear from a 110 proof Blanco.

To the palette: sweet agave, salt water, jalapeño, long finish. I favor the fruity nose a tad more than the salty spicy flavor, but both are excellent.

I can’t wait to see what Siempre comes out with next, because every expression they have released so far has been nothing but excellent.  

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