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We’ve all been there – afraid that new skin medication will somehow make our sensitive skin even worse. The problem is traditional pharmaceutical companies don’t give people a choice. Their business model is one-size-MUST-fit-all.

People with sensitive skin know that finding the right prescription medication is a challenge – including the fear of hives, rashes, and more. Too many retail Rx medicines contain preservatives and additives more focused on extending shelf life than the quality of the patient’s life. Many of these ingredients are even known allergens and irritants, which makes no sense when up to 70% of people have sensitive skin.

New Medicines for a New Era

During the pandemic, many direct-to-consumer (DTC) dermatology companies saw an opportunity to break free of the standard retail Rx model. The problem is they ended up prioritizing online convenience over customized care. This led critics to label them as “fast food” medicines because most people received essentially the same treatment. Repeating the same one-sized mistakes of the past does not help people with sensitive skin.

One company is finally changing the equation. SKNV, an innovator in the prescription dermatology space, has emerged as the first pharmacy for sensitive skin. With over 120 customized medications, SKNV covers all major skin conditions including acne, melasma, dermatitis, and more. SKNV even enables dermatologists to customize the potency of trusted medicines while removing the inactive ingredients known to be problematic to sensitive skin.

With their FDA-Registered 503B Outsourcing Facility, SKNV can transform pills into topical medications so patients with sensitive skin can apply needed medications to the affected area only. This targeted, localized approach is often a game-changer for people with full-body sensitivities.

Prescription Treatment Options for the Most Common Skin Diseases

Whether a patient is experiencing acne – either in adolescence or in adulthood – or their challenge is dark spots following pregnancy, SKNV has targeted medicines available in various strengths and based on well-proven, prescription-strength active ingredients like tretinoin and hydrocortisone. Dermatologists can also leverage the complete SKNV system to help patients deal with a wide range of skin conditions like psoriasis, rosacea, and alopecia. The ability to customize prescription medicines for each patient makes SKNV an important tool for dermatologists to treat the most common skin diseases.

Making Treatment Affordable AND Effective

Patients and doctors often agree that navigating health insurance for dermatology medicines can be a frustrating and limiting experience. SKNV’s customized medications are conveniently available from any dermatologist without the need for prior authorization from your health insurance. SKNV’s affordable approach often costs less than insurance co-pays and includes free shipping.

This affordability and convenience make dealing with either mid or long-term conditions as easy as filling the first prescription. With auto-refills and subscription purchasing options, SKNV patients can stay on top of treating skin conditions and never have to worry about running out of medicines to support their daily skincare routines.

Three Key Aspects of Sensitive Skin

SKNV supports people with sensitive skin in three important ways. First, SKNV customized medicines isolate the beneficial active ingredients from the unnecessary ones known to irritate sensitive skin. This process creates a customized version without those allergens and irritants.

Second, SKNV enables dermatologists to prescribe varied strengths of known skin care drugs across all major skin conditions – delivering the right treatment for the patient’s condition.

Third, by utilizing topical formulations, SKNV enables doctors to treat localized skin conditions without having to impact the patient’s entire body to get there.

Talk With Your Dermatologist About SKNV

It certainly looks like SKNV is breaking the mold with its dedication to being the first pharmacy for sensitive skin. Patients and doctors now have the choice to go beyond one-size-fits-all medications. The full list of SKNV customized medicines is available at

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