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For the global citizen, today’s world requires travel. Often, it’s a necessary aspect of our work, getting on a plane to visit a client, attend a conference or perhaps it’s the train commute. Other times we travel to visit family or taking dream holiday in a faraway exotic location. One of the most irksome aspects of travel is needing to put up with the noise pollution of others, noisy spaces with screaming children or perhaps getting that dreaded plane seat next to the loudest snorer on the flight.  For the frequent traveler, we are ever so grateful for the noise elimination allowing us to escape to a place of peace and our own choice of sound, as provided by the noise-canceling headphones, the MIXCDER E10.

The MIXCDER over-ear noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones are comfortable, have fantastic sound, eliminate noise, and have long battery life. The design and engineering offer a host of high-tech features at a fraction of the price of the more expensive brands making it a great value as well.

We’ve all been there and done that where we’ve been in public space and there’s no escaping the noise. The Automatic Noise Cancelling (ANC) feature when turned on tunes out 96% of the low-frequency noise so noisy trains, city noises or even when you are working in a busy office.  You’ll still hear the high pitch of nearby voices but that is significantly reduced as well to allow you to block it out and enjoy your music or movie audio.

The MIXCDER E10 is packed with features the frequent traveler will seek out. The design is all black, sleek and constructed with premium materials. The rotatable and foldable design allows them to fold making them easier to transport in the included stylish zippered hard case. The over the ear headphones feature an adjustable headband and memory foam earpads with leather-like materials so they are comfortable even if you doze off on a flight.

Often, we have trouble connecting devices like headphones with Bluetooth and waste time troubleshooting to try to figure it out. This is clearly not the case with the MIXCDER E10 which connects easily to any device and with its on button.  A pleasant voice in the earcup provides basic notifications such as “power on/off” and “connected” so no need to worry if its working or not.  The Bluetooth 5.0 technology gives a stable connection, better sound quality and higher performance on par with a wired connection. Beyond the great sound the headphones have a built-in microphone with crisp and clear sounds ideal for the long conference calls or making a skype call.

The headset controls are intuitive and easy to use including a on-off button, noise canceling on/off, and skipping controls while your listings or watching a move which also works as the volume controls. There’s a LED light that indicates when the phone and Automatic Noise Control is on or when the battery is charging.  

When listing to a movie, music, or a conference call you’ll immediately appreciate deep, powerful and balanced sound.  The high-range drivers that deliver clear and crisp high notes, rich mid-levels and solid level of bass providing natural and authentic sound quality without distortion.  

The MIXCDER E10 has thought of it all even when we haven’t.  Must leave in a rush and you forgot to charge up?  No worries the headphones come with a Super Charging technology that allows for three hours of listening with an 8-minute charge.  For the extra-long session, the full charge only takes one hour and lasts for 24 hours of listening time with the ANC engaged or 30 hours without and an incredible 60 hours when listening via wired mode. That’s ideal for us who hate to stop what we’re doing for a charge.

We’ve all been there and done that.  In a noisy room and once decibel away from a splitting migraine headache. The MIXCDER is a godsend, that transfers the listener from the surrounding noisy environment to a quiet place to hear only what we want to hear, be it a Miles Davis’s Kind of Blue jazz or perhaps watching a movie on our Ipad. The MIXCDER does all of this and more with a sleek and comfortable design, premium sound quality, fast charging and top-notch Bluetooth technology. There are no corners cut in these headphones that make is a great value compared to other brands offering similar features. 

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