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Do you ever have a hard time matching your purses to your outfit? Sometimes you just don’t have the right shade to match the tone of your top or pants and it can be extremely frustrating. There are colors out there that you wouldn’t even think could match your outfit, but they can genuinely add a fun pop to the end result. When you add a pop of color, such as red, even your t-shirt and jean combination can become more modern, youthful, and trendy. Some of these hues may seem obvious, but there are other colors that you wouldn’t believe could be versatile and we are here to tell you which ones work for any time of day!




This goes without saying, but a multicolor bag can pair off with practically anything, especially if the shades are the same as the ones in the outfit. Try sticking to a solid color that matches at least one on the bag while also adding a little bit of fun to your outfit. Alina added a fun pop to an all white outfit with the multicolor print on this Gucci bucket bag.


Some people wouldn’t automatically think that a metallic purse would be considered versatile, but that’s not true. Metallic versions of versatile colors such as silver, pewter, and gold can add a hint of glam to an outfit while also playing the part of an accent. Some colors like purple stand out when you pair it with a metallic handbag.

This goes without saying, but a black handbag is typically the way to go when looking for your next everyday carryall. Although it may not seem like it, but this hue can stand out with a neutral outfit or blend in with an all black chic finish. Just like in the photo of the Yves Saint Laurent bag below, an all black outfit is still able to stand out especially because of the hardware. This classic color is a must-have for every fashionista and you should have at least one in your closet.

Another classic, white is the ideal hue because it can come in a variety of off-white shades all the way to a bright hue. White can highlight the colors you are wearing, harmonizing with them and can be both dressed up or down. Although a huge downside to one of these bags is maintenance because it can be easily dirtied, it is still an ideal crisp finish to your outfit. 


Neutrality at best, charcoal gray and light gray land on different ends of the spectrum but are both equally as easy to match. Charcoal is closest to black without being too dark, making it much more neutral than a black bag. Light gray however can match with any outfit easily, especially when paired with silver-tone jewelry. 

Much like the neutral tones, browns and tans can easily match with any outfit. Although many would think these colors are ideal with just denim or a casual outfit, finding the right hues allows you to match a brown or tan handbag even with your formal or professional attire.


Step away from bright whites with neutral bags in nude or cream hues. Much like a good pair of nude pumps, a neutral-toned bag brings out warmer hues in other colors and can suit your skin-tone for a contrasting finish. Subtle in every way, the Monogram Empreinte of this Louis Vuitton cream Neverfull tote adds a pop to both the stark brite white lace top and denim jeans.

Thinking of the outdoors and nature, green is the perfect neutral handbag color. Unlike many of the other colors mentioned, green can be a bit difficult to pair and requires you to match cool tones or warm tones together. On the other hand, olive green pairs well with medium hues and as long as you continue the color through other accessories. 

Being the color of love and passion, red can be a bright neutral color that or a dark burgundy allowing variety and versatility. Red fits in with any season, making it virtually an all year color. Its bold without being too bold and when you look at a color wheel, you can see that red as a primary color can match with anything.  For example, not only the bright red of the lambskin matches with the white and blue, but this Chanel wallet on a chain is the ideal everyday companion. 

So which color is the most versatile?

Well there is no definite answer because all of these colors can match any outfit in a variety of ways. However, we think that black, browns, tans, and beiges/nudes are the closest answer because these shades are more complementary. The key to matching is paying attention to the tones and hues and understanding how colors work with one another to find a suitable companion.

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