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A Monaco Travel Guide

Is Monaco a luxury ?  

Beauty and its existence are an essential part of everyone’s life. People like beauty, praise the beauty, and attract towards beauty.
YCM – Yacht Club Monaco

In short, it’s human nature that he admires beauty and tries to get it or make it part of his life. The struggle of achieving beauty depends upon the beauty and what sort of beauty is. 

 Beauty has different measurements. Our world is full of beauty if you notice things around you. Here we like to talk about one of the glamorous places that exist in the world. Many rich people come here to enjoy their vacations from all over the world.

The name of the place is Monaco. Monaco is a sovereign city-state and microstate in Europe on the French Riviera. It is a beautiful town and you experience a lot of things there which will become a good source of your recreation and entertainment.

What is Monaco famous for ?  

Monte-Carlo Casino   

It is said that the Monaco city-state is famous for its glamorous Monte-Carlo Casino and Grand Prix car race. That shows the importance of casinos in Monaco. It is not famous in Monaco but it is the world’s most spectacular place to gamble.

The Monte-Carlo casino is a beautiful and glamorous place because it’s building it beautifully designed. It would be not wrong if we say that it is the most iconic building in the little principality of Monaco.

Moreover, it’s an interesting fact that Monaco’s locals are not allowed to gamble in the casino. Only visitors are eligible for gambling.

Visit Monte-Carlo Casino site …

Monte-Carlo Casino
Café de Paris Casino & Monte-Carlo Casino

Casino Café de Paris   

It is also a good and famous casino in Monaco. It is a fancy, late-night casino which has many slot machines and 2 outdoor patios and table games. By and large, you can fully enjoy here and enjoy your meal too.

Visit Café de Paris Casino site …

Where to stay and eat in Monte Carlo ?  

Monaco has some of the most comfortable palaces in the world and starred restaurants that will enliven your taste buds. Let’s mention an emblematic and historical establishment :

Fairmont Monte Carlo   is one of the famous top hotels in Monaco. It is a luxurious hotel with stunning views that you can see of the Mediterranean Sea. You will enjoy your stay there with the beautiful combination of comfort and lavishness.    

Visit Fairmont Hotel site …

Fairmont Hotel – Monte-Carlo

Why Monaco Is the glitz Jewel of the French Riviera ?

A Unique Luxury lifestyle !

Monaco is a glamorous Mediterranean city-state that is very famous and a good choice of rich people for spending their vacations because of its beautiful weather. Its weather stays sunny balmy all around the year.

Many beautiful places, beaches, political stability, and pleasant weather is the cause of its attraction which pull rich people towards it.

You can enjoy a life full of happiness and tranquility there. You will get basic needs along with you to experience all the luxuries there which a person can get to make his life more beautiful and comfortable.
Monte-Carlo Luxury Lifestyle

The hotels are 5 stars there where you can stay and enjoy your life full fledge in every aspect. The lifestyle would be lavish and cozy. Once you visit Monaco, you will realize the reality of the words.   

What are the 5 must-see Clubs in Monte Carlo ?  

Monaco Fontvieille

Is Monaco the most expensive real estate in the world ?

The so local Real Estate Market

Everyone dreams of a beautiful house and the developed city where they live. If you also have the same dream to have a beautiful luxury house in a well-developed area then Monaco is the best option that you must achieve if you have a handsome amount to invest or spend.

When we see this beautiful and glamorous city-state then we come to know that it is not only prestigious but it is also very expensive. We can say that Monaco is the most expensive property market in the world.

But, as it is a very famous city-state that geographically has much importance. Moreover, you will get everything here of high quality and “A” standard.

So, when you get all facilities and luxuries in one package then surely it would be costly which is understandable.

International real estate company’s report said that in 2021 the average resale price per square meter in Monaco was $47,679 are become almost 45,000 Euros. So, the beauty and charm of Monaco are very expensive to have if you want to enjoy it permanently.

Monaco beats Hong Kong for most expensive real estate on the planet

The new neighborhoods :  Larvotto & Mareterra

Monaco operates an essential recomposition of the urban landscape because of its surface of only 2km2, wedged between sea and mountain. Since the 1950s, 20% of the territory has been reclaimed from the sea. A new titanic project launched in studies in 2013 begins to see the light of day, it is called “Marreterra”. A concept that makes room for biodiversity and the latest construction techniques.
New Marreterra neighbourhood – Monaco


I wanted this new space to embody the excellence and conviviality that are the pride of the Principality of Monaco. Mareterra will integrate perfectly with our coastline and will be considered in a few years as a natural extension of our territory.

Why is Monaco the most secure country in the world ?

Here we take care of you !

As you can read above the beautiful and popular places of Monaco are very attractive. If anyone gets a glimpse of it then he must want to visit it at least one time. Its beautiful places make it the first choice for outing purposes.

No doubt Monaco is the best destination for outings. But if you are very possessive and want to go to a place which is safe or in other words, if safety is your priority when you make a search of places for outing purposes then Monaco is the best and perfect place to visit.

The police successfully manage a peaceful and secure environment in Monaco for the people. You can see many police officers who are performing their duties regularly in every place. Security cameras are fixed in most public places and buildings.

Though Monaco is not a big territory that’s why its security could be controlled efficiently. So you haven’t needed to worry about security risks in Monaco if you go there for your outings.

Full Security !

The prestigious setting of Monaco Monte-Carlo is all the more appreciable for the security that reigns there. All security specialists are unanimous, it is difficult to do more security than in Monaco. One policeman for every hundred inhabitants, a 24-hour video surveillance system over the entire territory with the possibility of blocking all accesses to the principality in a few minutes.

Monegasque security is the most modern and efficient police service in Europe. The rule instituted by Prince Rainier is simple: “Security must be total in Monaco”.

Who is the Monarch of Monaco now ?

Prince and princess family     

Monaco is also famous because of its royal family. Monaco is considering the principality of France that’s why it has princes. The Grimaldi family ruled Monaco for eight centuries. This family considers the longest-ruling royal family.  

Prince Albert ll was ascended in April 2005. The current prince of Monaco is Charlene Lynette Wittstock.

The prince and princess live with their family in the palace of Monaco. It is the official residence of the sovereign prince of Monaco. Monaco Palace is also a beautiful place to visit it is one of the historic places of Monaco.

The beautiful architecture of the Monaco palace is admirable. Though it is a private residence a few times a year the state apartments are open for visitors. The Monaco palace is very old and has a long history. Several times it has been extended and renovated by the royal family in past centuries.

It was built according to an idea, in the early thirteen century 1215 to be exact. So, that is a short overview of the history of Monaco palace.

Reigning Grimaldi family     

After the death of Prince Rainier III in 2005, his son Albert became the 14th Sovereign Prince of Monaco. His mother, the American actress Grace Kelly, died accidentally in 1982.

Prince Rainier had 3 children, Caroline, Albert and Stephanie.

Albert is married to Charlene Wittsock in 2011 and had 2 children in December 2014, Gabriella and Jacques.




Caroline – Albert – Stéphanie de Monaco

if you are willing to go for a trip then select Monaco as your destination and you will never regret your decision.  And you will understand why Monaco is so amazing !!

If you want to know more, you can find brochures on the VisitMonaco website :


Monte-Carlo at sunset

Written by : JULIA HILTON – May 5, 2022


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